Cannabis Technology Is Overcoming Coronavirus

Coronavirus Sweeps Through The United States

The coronavirus pandemic is starting to unfold in the United States. Schools are closing. Businesses are transitioning to remote offices. Nightlife and outdoor activities are no longer acceptable in most major American cities.

The cannabis industry is certainly getting caught in the chaos of the outbreak. As health concerns continue to influence market prosperity, certain products and services are surging to the forefront. Hand sanitizers and cannabis delivery apps are only a few items that are taking the stage in the age of coronavirus.

Cannabis Delivery Apps Are Booming

Across the nation, cannabis delivery apps are experiencing a boom in usage as consumers have been advised to stay indoors. In cities like San Francisco— where a 3-week shelter in place has taken effect— delivery companies are taking on a rapid influx of orders from consumers. The surge in online orders has also been embraced by dispensaries as well.

Seattle’s Have a Heart and Las Vegas’ Thrive dispensaries are offering exclusive deals and value cannabis menus for all online orders. As pickups at brick and mortar locations have been halted by strict health mandates, dispensaries are advising customers to make reservations and pre-orders online. While cannabis retail tech is circumnavigating the current prohibitive norms in the U.S., manufacturing companies are working to make an impact as well.

New Cannabis Hygiene Products Emerge on The Market

Consumer reaction to the coronavirus pandemic has decimated retail outlets of many health and hygiene products. Hemp biotech aggregate SingePoint Inc. is on the verge of releasing a hemp oil hand sanitizer for consumers. The release of this product comes at a timely moment given that hand sanitizer is currently one of the most sought-after goods in the United States.

While SinglePoint Inc. is one of the few companies on the verge of announcing advancements in this sector, it is expected that more will follow suit as a variety of items- like toilet paper and other commodities- continue to fly off the shelves. The cannabis industry is certainly enduring one of the most shocking events in the world right now. Yet, even in the darkness of the coronavirus epidemic, innovation will always persist.