Make the Most of Margins

Distributers in the cannabis industry are tasked with assessing the value of brands and products. Outspoke's technology is designed to help distributors make informed decisions in regards to pricing as well as demand.

Outspoke uses real time pricing and market data to help distributors decide what retailers are best suited for your margins and products, as well as what brands, products, and farms you want to target for exclusive distribution opportunities.

Effective Sales is about Information

World Class B:B Sales is all about Managing Relationships - a conversation that identifies problems and provides solutions.

Outspoke supports Strong Conversations by helping Your Team be Solutions Experts - integrating Data Driven Production with Actionable Feedback to create an environment for Creating and Deepening Relationships.

Decentralization Done Right

Inefficient Sales is worse than no sales at all - High Commissions and "Vendor Tuesday" Sample Blast mentalities make it harder for Your Brands to Stand Out and Survive. When you Use Data Effectively it becomes pretty clear - Bigger is Not Always Better.

Outspoke allows you to collaborate with other distribution companies to effectively cover your home territory, or, cover the entire state, while providing rates competitive with corporate transporters and distributors. Collaboration also provides you with new products for your menu, increasing your value and volume within your territory.

Market Transition is Opportunity

As New Licenses are issued, Retailers across the State are being faced with a new set of Problems - Outspoke is designed to get Your Solutions in front of them at this key Decision Making Moment.

Outspoke "listens" for new potential Relationships and gives your team the information it needs to Efficiently and Effectively present Your Solutions.

Shift Your Focus towards Opportunity and Capitalize on it with Outspoke today.


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