Own Your Success: Custom Sales Sheets on Outspoke

Placing inventory at the forefront of sales initiatives is one of the most transparent and effective practices to undertake. This is why custom sales sheets are the perfect tool for licensed cannabis operators.

This unique feature on Outspoke enables any cannabis company to give potential clients the full picture on what’s available for purchase. If you’re looking for a way to accelerate your sales initiatives, keep reading to learn about the benefits of Outspoke’s customized sales sheets.

Enhanced Inventory Representation

Outspoke’s sale sheets are formed through both public and business-specific allocations. The best part is you can toggle between each setting and represent your inventory according to the interests of your company or the client. Forget about longwinded inventory discussions and clerical errors— custom sales sheets are always complete and accurate.

Your inventory on Outspoke is constantly updated according to your METRC-data. All you have to do is arrange the way you to display it. This tool enables operators to strategize availability towards certain clientele, providing a simple mode of generating ROI through user-centered personalization technology.

Streamlined Transacting

Outspoke’s custom sales sheets are the simple solution to time-consuming discussions on availability. Using this utility empowers transacting companies to either preface or skip in-store inquiries about inventory. The buyer is offered a personalized and complete document of available inventory and can immediately make purchases or further speculations accordingly.

Our platform is in tune with your METRC data, providing the most up-to-date statistics on inventory availability so that you can make informed decisions on how you want to transact. The end result is a method that enhances the efficiency and legibility of buying or selling.

Empowered Autonomy

For cannabis brands, custom sales sheets are more than just a big deal— they’re absolutely essential. This tool on Outspoke re-centers autonomy into the hands of any cannabis brand while simultaneously strengthening existing partnerships between distributors. Custom sales sheets empower both brands and distributors to stay on the pulse of how products are moving in the market rather than relying explicitly on downstream conventions. This tool also allows cannabis brands to take charge of sales through strategically representing their inventory.

##Elevated ROI and Growth

Custom sales sheets are geared towards enhancing strategic decision-making and sales. This utility provides a simple solution for both increased legibility in trading partnerships and more effective sales strategies via inventory visibility. This tool is currently available for no cost whatsoever until June 1st. The only “risk” you have to take is to sign up for free today.