Outspoke Announces Partnership with Eaze Momentum

Outspoke Announces Partnership with Eaze

Groundbreaking ideas can come from anyone and everywhere. That is why inclusivity and equality must be prioritized in the cannabis industry — so that any entrepreneur, no matter their racial or socioeconomic background, has the opportunity to succeed.

As we continue to integrate new cannabis businesses onto Outspoke, our team is taking a step back and making space for the burgeoning class of entrepreneurs in Eaze’s Momentum program. Keep reading below to find out more about Momentum and Outspoke’s exciting new partnership.

Eaze’s Momentum Empowers Underrepresented Entrepreneurs

Geared towards combatting lack of opportunity and the economic obstacles facing marginalized communities, Eaze’s Momentum is an accelerator program that specifically focuses on supporting underrepresented professionals in the cannabis industry.

Although many perceive cannabis as a fringe industry outside of usual corporate conventions, the War on Drugs created disproportionate opportunities for individuals looking to get involved. Unsurprisingly, the majority of professionals currently in the field are white.

Eaze’s Momentum program is doing the work to level the playing field by empowering ten upcoming businesses helmed by individuals from a variety of ethnic and gender backgrounds.

Each business receives $50,000 and works closely with Eaze professionals to build up their brand before pitching to investors at the end of the 10-week program. However, these brands are certainly staking their claim already – check out the current Momentum cohort here.

Outspoke and Eaze Momentum: A Timely Synergy

As the latest version of Outspoke was only released weeks ago, the partnership comes at a timely moment in the trajectories of both Outspoke and Eaze’s Momentum. Outspoke is currently furnished with a variety of tools geared towards enhancing supply management and sales strategy. The toolkit will help this year’s Momentum cohort manage inventory and visualize the California marketplace as they traverse through accelerator program.

If you’re interested getting on Outspoke, we’re offering the program free of charge until June 15th— otherwise stay tuned for our upcoming interview with Eaze Momentum organizer, Ishaq Ali.