Sustaining The Seed & Soul

The commitment of producers to create and cultivate high-quality cannabis has brought the global industry to where it is today. The decisions made by producers over the next twelve months will likely dictate the progression of cannabis worldwide for generations to come. Outspoke is a wholesale, business-to-business platform designed to help farmers compete in the rapidly expanding flower and biomass markets. The strategies Outspoke offers farmers is not unlike the growth cycle of our sacred plant.

Before the seeds are planted...

Outspoke hosts real-time menu and market data that can help producers decide which strains to grow, when to harvest, and how to make the best use of their yields. With Outspoke, producers can introduce current and forthcoming inventory to retailers, distributors and manufacturers throughout the state, manage existing relationships, and reach new licensed buyers as they come online.

Once the plants are harvested...

Producers can make data-driven decisions on pricing and packaging, while comparing products to competitors across California to better target sales and to generate real returns on samples ROIs. When it comes to time sell, Outspoke supports in-person sales efforts through fully customizable, automatically generated marketing materials in addition to e-sales through the Outspoke menu portal.


Outspoke is METRC integrated and certified - providing both electronic records as well as printable forms - making compliance a little easier for everyone. Outspoke's system is designed to make working with METRC seamless, while also providing additional value along every part of the supply chain.

With sales comes distribution...

With Outspoke's ever-growing distribution network, producer transportation and warehousing costs can be as little as 14% of their margins. Compared to the industry benchmark of 25%, farms can increase profits on each sale and provide competitive products at below-market costs to increase number of sales.


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