Weedmaps Layoffs and Crackdown: What’s in Store For Cannabis Retailers

Decline on the Horizon: Weedmaps in California

The notorious cannabis dispensary directory service Weedmaps has been under fire for the last 2 years. As authorities in California alone have cracked down on 1.5 billion USD worth of illicit cannabis trade, the company is facing pressure to only list licensed cannabis retailers.

In an effort to allegedly follow suit, Weedmaps laid off a quarter of it’s staff, begging the question of its survivability under newfound government duress. Is Weedmaps still a viable model if it can only feature licensed companies? What does the company’s recent failure mean for the cannabis industry as a whole?

The Impact of No Direction

Representatives from the company stated that Weedmaps would be updating a variety of its software in order to accommodate for these provisions. The service is expected to make its advertiser’s license number more legible and limit points of sale as well as its digital ordering interface.

Nonetheless, this signals impending consequences for any retailer looking to break out in the consumer facing cannabis market. As Weedmaps’ potential decline could stifle opportunities for cannabis brands to access eager and fervent consumer markets, new pathways must be pioneered in order for the cannabis industry to keep thriving.

The Cannabis B2B Marketplace and a New Map for Cannabis Brands

It seems as though now more than ever is the high time for cannabis retailers to consider their emergence into the business-to-business marketplace. In b2b cannabis commerce, hundreds of millions- if not billions- of dollars’ worth of transactions occur. Why miss out on that? If policy continues to restrict front-facing availability, cannabis brands must assume a more omnipresent role as the cannabis market subsequently fluctuates.

Our platform has forged a future model that restores lucrative promise to cannabis map-based environments. Our cannabis wholesale network is one of the only of its kind to feature an intuitive map-based interface for licensed retailers and distributors. We allow licensed dispensaries to access consumer markets too! This is more than just a weed map. It’s a lead-oriented experience designed through intuitive technology that is made to elevate brand sales.