Cannabis Email Marketing: A Superior Approach

Email Marketing is Trending in 2020

Marketing in the cannabis & hemp industry is uniquely difficult. Between paid ad restrictions on major social media platforms, engagement-crushing algorithms, and polarizing precedents established by legal policy and social perception, promoting your service or store is quite challenging. However, there is one tool every cannabis & hemp should invest in to promote their platform: email marketing.

Forget Twitter or Instagram, email marketing is trending in 2020. Did you know that 61% of consumers want companies to email them about new product information and promotions? Even more so, 59% claim that email marketing campaigns influence their purchase decision. And 49% want weekly rapport with brands through email newsletter promotions. These jaw-dropping statistics are only half the reason why cannabis & hemp brands need to start investing in email marketing technology.

##Social Media Inhibits Cannabis Industry

Mastering the algorithm on popular social media platforms is an uphill battle for any burgeoning company. The climb is even steeper for cannabis & hemp businesses. These platforms selectively prohibit promotion of ‘drugs’ or other narcotic-related material.

While the medicinal aspects of cannabis have been repeatedly substantiated for years now, these websites still consider promotion of both cannabis & hemp off-limits. If posts aren’t formally restricted, the algorithm will selectively deny the content anyways.

Email marketing proves to be a better solution because, unlike social media, there aren’t as many parameters on what content can be sent to subscriber inboxes. This freedom enables any cannabis & hemp brand to advertise authentically. These benefits are only compounded by technological advancements in artificial intelligence.

##AI Technology Enhances Customer Experience

The infrastructure behind legal cannabis usually requires companies to have some kind of CRM. Through AI technology and email marketing, CRM-acquired data can directly impact your company’s email marketing campaigns in a variety of new ways. AI technology relies on consumer data to create more personal and humanized email promotions.

AI-integrated email marketing campaigns are adept at accommodating many consumer needs. Promotions and language can be more personalized. Even timing can be calibrated to fit the need of every customer. The precision of AI marketing technology in high engagement email newsletter subscriber bases maximize direct marketing effectiveness beyond manual operation of newsletter platforms.

This is especially valuable for cannabis & hemp retailers that intake a high volume of consumer information. For example, a cannabis dispensary could produce specific promotional materials for the various demographics of people that frequent their establishment. Essentially, AI technology streamlines the production of promotional tools and means by which a cannabis business can engage their audience.

##Step Up Your Game with Cannabis Email Marketing

If email marketing is not in your arsenal to promote your cannabis brand, now is the time to dive into the process and start building up your subscriber lists! As one of the few communication channels that offers unfettered promotional capabilities for cannabis industry, email marketing is one of the most essential tools for any cannabis company.

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